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I am an extrovert who is not frightened by new experiences but on the contrary thrives on them. My impulsivity motivates my yearning for new teachings, and I crave the challenge to improve myself after every turn.

I have always had a passion for art. As a child I would sit by the window listening to the rain, while I drew. The combination made by the sound of the rain and the opportunity to express my innermost feelings and thoughts made way for a new world.

A World created by me which was both idyllic
and formidable. A world I still find myself in while painting. This world creates a whole new kind of calm which can be found no other place. This world can expel even the darkest thoughts from my mind.

When I contemplate my relationship with art, I do not see it as an optional choice but a choice I was compelled to make by art itself. Inspiration presents itself to me through my family, friends, and environment. The art channels through me and guides the strokes that conforms the piece.

Art gives me the opportunity to form new ideas, meet new challenges and makes me feel alive like never


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